When will the Open Source Festival 2018 takes place?

The Open Source Festival will take place 14 July 2018 from 12:30 PM to midnight at the horse racecourse in Düsseldorf-Grafenberg.

Are children allowed on the festival ground? Do they have to pay an admission fee?

Generally a music festival isn’t an age-appropriate place for children to be. Its up to the parents if they want to bring their kids or not. Proper ear protectors are mandatory though (must bring yourself).

The admission is free for children through 12 years. Children from 13 years up pay full admission fee. Access is not allowed for children under 16 without a parent. Teens from 16 through 17 are not allowed to stay on the festival ground after midnight.

How do I get there best?

Take tram 709 from the main station to „Staufenplatz“. From there, you can get into one of our shuttle buses which will take you to the main entranceAt „Staufenplatz“ there is also a free parking place. The parking spot at the festival costs 4€.Another option is DriveNow where you can hire a car to get to the festival ground.

Can I leave my car at the parking place after the festival has ended?

Yes, but ist not going to be guarded anymore.

Can we camp out on the festival ground?

Unfortunately camping is not allowed.

Can I bring my own food/ drinks?

No, bringing any kind of food or drinks is not allowed. You’ll get everything you desire at the festival.
With the exception for children under 3: parents are allowed to bring a 1L bottle (plastic, PET, no glass).

Can I bring a backpack or a big bag?

We kindly ask you to not bring any big bags as the waiting time for everyone at the entry gate will increase due to precise inspections of bags etc.

Can I bring my camera?

Basically, taking pictures is allowed at the festival as long as they are for private use only. Commercial use is forbidden.
Publication of recordings without permission of the artists/ organiser will be prosecuted.
Please leave all cameras at home that look like professional equipment (casing, lens, tripods)

Will there be tickets left at the box office on the day of the festival?

Usually yes, unless we are already sold out before the festival starts. The box office opens at 12PM. We’ll let you know on time if/ how many tickets are still available.

Can I return my ticket?

No, tickets are not returnable.

Is it possible for wheel chair user to move on the festival ground?

Generally yes. But parts of the area are covered with pebble stones and gravel so moving is only possible with a carer. The admission is free for the carer, the wheel chair user has to pay standard admission fee.

Can I bring my pet?

No, pets are not allowed on the festival ground.

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